This Chennai based Group is a pioneer in the field of packaging having served the packaging industry for more than 50 years. The Group that was started as a finance company in 1966 has since diversified its activities to the industrial sector from 1970 onwards by reviving a sick packaging unit with a turnover of Rs 17 Lakhs in the first year. Recognizing the enormous potential for packing requirements in India, the Group opted for specialization in Packing Materials manufacturing.

Gradually the Group has added plastic processing units like Extrusion coating and Film extruding to be in sync with the technological developments in the world of packaging. The experience and the relationships developed by the group facilitated the diversification into trading activity connected with the packaging industry, by representing some paper mills for marketing their products like Kraft Papers, Straw/Mill Boards, Blue Match and other cultural varieties in South India. In 1977, the Group acquired another sick unit at Nellore and proved their capabilities, by making the unit profitable. The business experience of the group foresaw the advancements and opportunities in the Waterproof paper industry. An in-house Research & Development department was setup to develop innovative and cost-effective packaging in the year 1986.

The BLISS Group was the forerunner in developing and creating awareness of the bulk packaging concept in India. Standard Packagings, a BLISS Group Company, was the first company in India to introduce the Jumbo Bag concept and also create awareness among the users. Jumbo Bags can handle capacity upto 2,000 Kgs per bag. Their effort in the area of Research &Development has been successful in receiving various national and international awards besides patenting various products.