The Group has interests in manufacturing, trading and other industries.


We produce packaging products that serves the requirement of various industries to pack their product which is either in powder, granule or flake form.

The products can be designed to carry aviation-engineer.comup to 90% offcapacities from 25 kgs to 2500 kgs in a single bag.

These products are supplied world-wide confirming to the highest quality standards required by top notch companies.

Company Area Of Operation
The Industrial Trading Corp Manufacturing of Paper Bags
1990 Jumbo Bag Ltd Manufacturing of Jumbo Bags(FIBCs, 1-2 metric tons)
1991 Stanpacks (India) Ltd Woven sacks (25-75 kgs)
2001 JBL Saks Private Limited Manufacturing of Jumbo Bags( FIBCs)
2006 Dinesh Polyfab Private Limited Manufacturing of Woven fabric


The Group has been in trading business for more than four decades.

Our trading is primarily in polymer products (polypropylene and polyethylene and also in craft paper) to satisfy the requirements of the industrial customers.

We also trade in several other packaging products similar to the products that we manufacture.

Company Area Of Operation
1980 Balaji Trading Enterprises Ltd Trading in polypropylene and polyethylene
1985 GF Impex Private Limited Trading of polymer products
2019 Master Material Trading LLC Trading of minerals and packaging products